Our Creative Art Classes serve to nurture our students’ creativity and curiosity, and provide opportunities for self-expression through various art forms and techniques. During the lessons, students learn basic art elements and application, art appreciation, self-exploration, colour theories, sketching, picture compositions and design concepts.

Students use materials like acrylic, water colour, oil and soft pastel and clay to make their imagination come alive. Let’s get our hands dirty!

Unleash your creativity and express your artistic talents through fun learning!

Our Art classes is dedicated to nurture one’s creativity and provide opportunities for self-expressionism through various art forms, art techniques, simulating art materials and tools.

Our Focus:

  • Understanding basic art elements and application
  • Self-exploration and self-expressionism
  • Colour theories
  • Picture compositions
  • Overlapping concept
  • Basic design concept
  • Basic sketching
  • Understanding space and perspectives
  • Art appreciation

Techniques / Materials:

  • Water Colour Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Ink Painting
  • Oil Pastel
  • Soft Pastel
  • Paintmaking
  • Clay Modelling
  • Still Life Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • and many more...