Lewin Education Centre

We founded Lewin Education Centre more than 20 years ago with a mission to bring the world to our classrooms. With our team of passionate and dedicated teachers, many of our students have developed into confident and open-minded individuals, sustaining the love of learning throughout life.

All of us at Lewin Education Centre believe that every child is unique and we aim to develop each and every student into a creative inquirer through our specially-designed programmes. We also constantly strive to understand the different learning abilities of our students and work hand in hand with parents to support their learning journey. Through the years, we have gained the trust and confidence of many parents and we will continue to walk the journey with our students to realise their potential to the fullest.

Our Teachers

We Teach. We care. We inspire.

Our team of responsible and passionate teachers is always ready to motivate students who walk through the doors of our classrooms. Every learning moment is elevated through the hands of our experienced teachers, where evaluation and feedback are constantly provided to students through the teaching process.

Parents and students hear from our teachers regularly, whether it is a word of encouragement or a piece of advice. Our teachers are directly involved in our students’ learning progress and we are determined to make learning meaningful and experiential for all our students. Patience is the word for all our tuition classes.

Online Tuition Classes

Our online tuition classes offer parents and students the flexibility of attending virtual lessons without compromising the quality of learning. Our teachers are well adept and versatile in their handling of virtual classes, to ensure that students are engaged and interacting actively throughout the lesson. With worksheets delivered straight to their desks, students enter our virtual classrooms in the comfort of their homes with a simple click and start learning with their friends.

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